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Derek harrison
The secret to my success in soccer punting lies in my very reliable sources. Most of the soccer matches outcomes are within their 'expectation' and I have made a killing out from their highly reliable tips. Trust me. You just can't go wrong with my source.

Countless years of soccer betting have helped me to develop a unique ability to spot soccer matches with predicted outcomes. Once I spot a highly confidence soccer match, I will go in for the kill. Follow my soccer calls and be ready to laugh all the way to the bank.
My extensive network and connection gives me information unknown to the masses. Believe it or not, there are matches where players do not put in 100% due to reasons unknown to us. I am willing to share the info with you for a small fee.
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Latest Soccer Tips: 17th December 2017

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Under Ground
Soccer Bred
Derek Harrison
Bournemouth AFC vs Liverpool
France Ligue 1
Nice vs Bordeaux
Italy Serie A
Hellas Verona vs AC Milan
Past Performance

Overall Performance from Jan 2017

Overall Performance from Jan 2017
Under Ground
Soccer Bred
Derek harrison
Win: 174
Draw: 21
Lose: 76
Win: 169
Draw: 20
Lose: 82
Win: 175
Draw: 22
Lose: 74
Hit rates : Win / (Win+Lose). Draw matches are not included in the calculation.
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